1. KS Requirements

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  • Due:09/Sep/11

Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Requirments Specification KSRQT-143 The system also should warn the user if there is a gap of greater than 1 day (or 1 term, as appropriate) between the effective end date/term of the existing version and the effective start date/term of the proposed modified version.
Requirments Specification KSRQT-12 Faculty member must enter a revenue organization in a course proposal before final approval
Requirments Specification KSRQT-187 A Collaborator must be notified that their collaboration has been requested.

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Requirments Specification KSRQT-724 Faculty member must be able to indicate the term in which the retirement is proposed to become effective
Requirments Specification KSRQT-727 Faculty member must be able to attach supporting documentation to the course retirement proposal
Requirments Specification KSRQT-720 Faculty member must be able to search for and select a course as the basis of a retirement proposal

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