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      Clicking the server paging demo under collection features brings up a blank page (locally and in env11). In the console the following exception is found:

      freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression (item.header.headerText) is undefined on line 28, column 53 in krad/WEB-INF/ftl/components/group/tabGroup.ftl.
      at freemarker.core.TemplateObject.assertNonNull(
      at freemarker.core.Expression.getStringValue(
      at freemarker.core.Expression.getStringValue(
      at freemarker.core.DollarVariable.accept(
      at freemarker.core.Environment.visit(
      at freemarker.core.MixedContent.accept(
      at freemarker.core.Environment.visit(
      at freemarker.core.IteratorBlock$Context.runLoop(
      at freemarker.core.Environment.visit(
      at freemarker.core.IteratorBlock.accept(
      at freemarker.core.Environment.visit(


        Peter Giles (Inactive) added a comment -

        Missed a file in my commit. I re-deployed env11 and confirmed that it is fixed there.

        Peter Giles (Inactive) added a comment - Missed a file in my commit. I re-deployed env11 and confirmed that it is fixed there.


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