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      2.3.1 Sprint 2
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      Based on analysis recorded in KULRICE-10260, FreeMarker rendering of complex views is in part impacted by excessive BeansWrapper method invocation centered around high-traffic macros such as script and template.

      To reduce this introspection overhead and improve overall performance of view rendering at the FreeMarker phase, provide a mechanism for passing FreeMarker rendering control to inline Java code then convert targeted macros to use this inline mechanism instead of handling expensive internal rendering logic through the exclusive use of .ftl template code.

      Initial targeted Macros are script.ftl and template.ftl. Once these have been converted, an additional pass at analysis and identification of targeted macros using Performance Medium should lead to further opportunities to improve performance.

      Original estimate:

      • 4h - Implementation of FreeMarker extensions to support inline processing.
      • 3h - Conversion of script and template to inline.
      • 4h - Repeat analysis and identification of additional targeted macros.
      • 2h - Conversion of additional macros to inline.
      • 2h - Code clean up and prep for release.


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          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 02/Sep/13 9:32 AM
          • Time Spent:
            7 hours
            4h - implemented FreeMarker inline processing extensions
            3h - converted script.ftl and template.ftl to inline
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 03/Sep/13 8:12 AM
          • Time Spent:
            2 hours
            Repeat analysis, additional script conversion.
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 07/Sep/13 9:33 AM
          • Time Spent:
            1 hour
            Name changes in freemarker extensions, initial cleanup and code review effort in rice-framework.
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 09/Sep/13 12:45 AM
          • Time Spent:
            3 hours
            Code cleanup and testing

            Committed patch1 version. Roughly 2h remain in final cleanup for patch2 once it is ready.
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 13/Sep/13 8:50 AM
          • Time Spent:
            1 hour
            Merged inline template work from trunk to rice-2.3 branch
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 14/Sep/13 3:18 PM - edited
          • Time Spent:
            2 hours
            Converted groupWrap.ftl to inline. Final cleanup pass and javadoc for remaining code related to this issue.


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