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      When a dialog is presented multiple times in the client, it retains the selections (or values) from the previous rendering. This requires the values be manually reset. We could possibly provide a reset option that would reset the dialog fields to their default values each time the dialog is rendered. See message below:

      (…using KRAD 2.3…)

      I’m displaying the dialog below and using onDialogResponseScript to invoke the listed javascript function to handle the dialog response. (in lieu of controller handling)

      I found that the selected button became disabled (& non-effective) upon 2nd & subsequent renderings of the dialog. I was able to “unstick” the affected button within the attached jscript function (using “uncheck”, since it is actually implemented as a radio bttn), but the attempts I made to reset the button style to default only take effect until the end of the function, then the selected button style reverts again to active when the dialog is re-displayed later, and so I need to figure out how to make the “default” style stick. I’m sure there is yet another property/attribute on a related element that I need to set to fix this, but I cant find it.

      NOTE THAT: when the dialog is displayed 2nd & subsequent times, clicking the button again work fine now (even though its style is Active)…because the jscript “unchecked” it, …but them problem now is just that I can’t get the style to “stick”.
      ALSO, is this an appropriate way to use this Dialog in the first place? (I noticed that the KRAD Guide section on this, “Invoking a Dialog Entirely from the Client”, is empty).
      <bean id="CourseOfferingEdit-Waitlist-Inactivate-Prompt" parent="Uif-DialogGroup" p:renderHeader="false">
      <property name="availableResponses">
      <bean parent="Uif-KeyLabelPair" p:key="Continue" p:value="Continue"/>
      <bean parent="Uif-KeyLabelPair" p:key="Cancel" p:value="Cancel"/>
      <property name="promptText" value="Waitlists for all Activity Offerings associated with this Course Offering will be deactivated upon update."/>
      <property name="forceSessionPersistence" value="false"/>
      <property name="onDialogResponseScript" value="handleWaitListPrompt(this);"/>

      //revert waitlist to active if user selects Cancel
      function handleWaitListPrompt(dialog) {
      var dialogResponses = jQuery('input.uif-dialogButtons',dialog);
      for(i =0; i < dialogResponses.length; i++){
      if (dialogResponses[i].checked==true) {
      if (dialogResponses[i].value=='Cancel')

      { //if user Cancels then: 1. Revert check box , 2. reset label, 3. display approp. informational message jQuery('#KS-CourseOfferingEdit-HasWaitlist_control').prop('checked',true); jQuery('#KS-CourseOfferingEdit-Waitlist-LabelId').text('Waitlist Active'); jQuery('#KS-CourseOfferingEdit-WailtList-Message-Section').show(); }

      //Uncheck checked button ...because krad implemented it as a radio bttn!!

      //set label style-class-states back to default
      //TODO: research why the following style classes are reverted again sometime
      // before it is displayed 2nd and subsequent times!!!
      var labels = jQuery("label.uif-primaryDialogButton",dialog);


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