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Allow for disabled expressions to be partially evaluated server side


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      2.4.0-m4 KRAD UXI Sprint 2
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      In some cases, whether a disabled condition should apply depends on information only available server side.

      For example, suppose we have a system parameter which determines whether a disabled check should be applied. Currently there is no way to check this parameter in the disabled condition (since it is not available client side). The only way to do this is with property replacers. It would be much more convenient if part of the expression could be evaluated server side.

      One way to do this would be to have a convention that when the expression placeholder is present, to evaluate this part server side. The result goes into the client side expression.

      for example:



      and (field3 eq 'foo')"

      would translate to the client side expression

      "true and (field3 eq 'foo')"


      "false and (field3 eq 'foo')"

      We might want to be smarter though and if the server expression evaluates to false not set the disabled condition at all.


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