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Object Property Utils should consider persistence metadata when getting property type


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      When getting the type for a property (and the property value is null), persistence metadata needs checked to get the correct type:

      Check ObjectUtils.getPropertyType()
      [12:33:26 PM] Jonathan Keller: Example - KFS:


      accountingLines is defined as List<SourceAccountingLine>

      SourceAccountingLine has no property named baseBudgetAmount

      OJB knows that collection really will contain BudgetAdjustmentSourceAccountingLine objects.
      [12:33:55 PM] Jonathan Keller: (not an exact match - but that is what KFS expects)

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          Kristina Taylor (Inactive) added a comment -

          This may be solved on 2.4. Can you check it and resolve if true?

          Kristina Taylor (Inactive) added a comment - This may be solved on 2.4. Can you check it and resolve if true?


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