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Create Automated Functional (Smoke) Tests for KRMS Rules (old sample app)


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.4
    • Fix Version/s: 2.4
    • Component/s: Quality Assurance
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      Create Automated Functional (Smoke) Tests for:

      KRMS Rules
      Maintenance Docs

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          Adam Campbell (Inactive) made changes -
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          Link This issue cloned to KULRICE-10929 [ KULRICE-10929 ]
          Adam Campbell (Inactive) made changes -
          Description  Create Automated Functional (Smoke) Tests for:

          Address Type
          Affiliation Type
          Campus Type
          Citizenship Status
          Email Type
          Employment Status
          Employment Type
          Entity Type
          External Identifier Type
          Name Type
          Phone Type
          Role/Group/Permission/Responsibility Type
           Create Automated Functional (Smoke) Tests for:

          *KRMS Rules*
          Maintenance Docs
          Adam Campbell (Inactive) made changes -
          Link This issue is related to KULRICE-10876 [ KULRICE-10876 ]
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          Fix Version/s 2.4 [ 16913 ]
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          Resolution Won't Fix [ 2 ]
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          Affects Version/s 2.4 [ 16913 ]
          Affects Version/s 2.4.0-m2 [ 17036 ]
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          Rice Team QA [ 16025 ]


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