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Progressive Render - Required field validation issue on Save button click


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      See KRAD discussion thread: https://groups.google.com/a/kuali.org/forum/#!topic/rice.usergroup.krad/F2zTPkEUEGc


      we are facing an issue with progressive render on input-field controls.
      Please find the attached screenshot which best explains our scenario.

      Based on the value of "Slot Allocation Method" dropdown we use progressive render to display "Appt. Rule Type/Interval" dropdown and "Max #" text control.
      we're able to successfully add the data using addLine without any issues.

      Strangely once i add the data to the table and try to click the Save button. It throws error stating "Form contains error. Please correct these errors and try again". It show the dropdown in addLine row being highlighted as required.

      What i think based on my analysis is,
      1) Progressive Render may be cause of issue because it toggles between display: none and display:block and during this "ignoreValid" CSS class is being added/removed from the dropdown.
      a) When the ignoreValid css class is added to the dropdown then i'm able to save the window without any errors.
      b) I tried adding ignoreValid CSS class to the dropdown using the onchange event but this validation is completely handled by the KRAD and JQuery it seams so it automatically removes the CSS Class ignoreValid.

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