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      Controls could be the answer to acquiring more flexibility in the frameworks. We have used them previously (ex. kuali user control) to render more than a simple html control. I have a task now to tie up workgroup lookups on maintenance/lookup screens, and will need to create a new control for this. So they give us the ability to specify a custom lookup, add extra fields (hidden, or rendered) and other flexibility towards layout. My concern is with the overhead of creating a new control:
      a) Create a java class to represent the control
      b) Add specification to data dictionary DTD
      c) Give rules to digester
      d) Add export code
      e) Add logic to build up the Field object
      f) Add rendering html to UI, or rowDisplay.tag

      It would be good if we had a lighter weight approach to adding new controls, both for efficiency and to eliminate changes to the core. I suggest some kind of control configuration file, where you specify the attributes of your control, and a view (html for rendering).

      Originally recommended by Jerry Neal.


        Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment -

        Accomplished with KRAD component framework

        Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment - Accomplished with KRAD component framework


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