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Custom Inquirables not considered in nested inquiries


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.4
    • Fix Version/s: 2.6
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      In building one of the Inquiry demo views, I discovered that if I specified a viewHelperServiceClass in a view that had a viewName other than the default, then it was not called in the code and did not render my nested inquiry link for accountTypeCode. I believe the problem is that the view has a different viewName than the default and that name is not being transferred to the nested Inquiry object. The following workaround is what I had to do in LabInquiryViews.xml:

      <bean id="LabsInquiry-CustomLink" parent="LabsInquiry-DefaultView">
        <property name="viewName" value="LabsInquiry-CustomLinkView"/>
        <property name="headerText" value="Inquiry Custom Link Sample"/>
        <property name="viewHelperServiceClass" value="org.kuali.rice.krad.labs.inquiry.LabsInquiryCustomLinkInquirable"/>
        <property name="items">
            <bean id="TravelAccount-InquiryView-Custom" parent="Uif-Disclosure-GridSection">
              <property name="headerText" value="Account Type Information"/>
              <property name="items">
                  <bean parent="Uif-DataField" p:propertyName="accountTypeCode" p:forcedValue="@{#dp.accountTypeCode} (Click for Example)">
                    <property name="inquiry">
                      <bean parent="Uif-Inquiry">
                        <property name="viewName" value="LabsInquiry-CustomLinkView"/>
                  <bean parent="Uif-DataField" p:propertyName="name"/>
                  <bean parent="Uif-DataField" p:propertyName="codeAndDescription"/>

      I also noticed that I couldn't override the link text, which is why I have the p:propertyName="accountTypeCode" p:forcedValue="@{#dp.accountTypeCode} (Click for Example)". Please update the example as well when this is working.


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