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      2.4.0-m3 KRAD UXI Sprint 3
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      Some cleanup on KRAD sampleapp

      Add some padding to the app footer (the version get cut off a little bit)
      Add horizontal scrollbars to code display (so the code does not wrap)
      Styling on box with links in documentation tab

      Add testimonials to Home page:

      "KRAD has been instrumental in defining a new standard for student applications at IU. Since its adoption, we have collaborated successfully with multiple teams, both at IU and throughout the Kuali community, to achieve rich front-ends for several new Rice applications with increased efficiency and consistency between projects."

      Mark Fyffe, KSAP, Indiana University

      "KRAD promises a more configurable, more maintainable, just plain easier way to create some of the more complicated lookups and inquiries from the projects that I've worked on. I look forward to KRAD's expanded capabilities supporting some of the complex functional UI requirements which are expected for the future."

      James Smith, KFS, Indiana University

      Fill in text on opening library page (description of component types).

      Problem with left menu expanding when a demo goes full page.

      Possibly, replace app header with new app header component (and use the default red background).

      Check all demos for any exceptions.

      As time allows, fill in descriptions where 'TODO' appears.

      Any other cleanup you see.

      Also, this is probably hard to see now, but before I noticed there are some components that have a lot of demos, and the tabs extend way below the demo box. Maybe we need to set fixed heights for these? Or could we add scrolling to the tabs? This is something we can have Tom look at as well.


        Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment -


        Can you resolve this issue?


        Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment - Brian, Can you resolve this issue? thanks, Jerry


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