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Unable to change rule action from Validation to Route to Peopleflow / Notify PeopleFlow


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.3.2
    • Fix Version/s: 2.3.3, 2.4
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      2.4.0-m3 KRAD Sprint 4
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      Steps to reproduce on env2

      Create an agenda made of one rule,
      Add 1 proposition
      Select validation action.
      Update Rule
      Blanket Approve

      Search for Agenda
      Edit Rule
      Change Action to a different Action. Example, notify peopleflow
      Update Rule
      Blanket Approve
      Open Document Search and see that the document is Enroute and eventually goes into Exception

      This is the error in the logs

      ATTR_DEFN_ID cannot be null.

      The customRuleActionAttributesMap in the AgendaEditor needs to be refreshed when the peopleFlow action is changed. Otherwise, the AgendaEditor holds onto the old ruleActionAttributes for validation as well as the new ruleActionAttributes. If you go from notifuPeopleFlow to routeToPeopleFlow, this will not be a problem because the attributes for ruleAction in this case remain the same, which are peopleFlowId and peopleFlowName. whereas while going from validation to peopleFlow or vice versa, it changes from the validation message and the validation type (Error or warning) to the peopleFlow ones. One possible way to fix this would be to refresh this customRuleActionAttributesMap map when the action type id is changed.

      To see what I mean, put a break point in the following code after agendaBO once you blanket approve and examine the agendaBO data.

      public void saveDataObject() {
              AgendaBo agendaBo = ((AgendaEditor) getDataObject()).getAgenda();

      If you drill down all the way to AgendaBO>items>AgendaItemBO>RuleBO>Actions>ActionBO>attributeBOs
      you will see that there are more attributes than the ones required for the agenda action. There should only be 2 attributeBOs each for validation action and routeToPeopleFlow/Notify PeopleFlow actions.



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