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Ability to display Rice server functionality within the KC portal


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    • Fix Version/s: 2.4
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      UIF MVC
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      2.4.0-m4 KRAD UXI Sprint 2, 2.4.0-m4 KRAD UXI Sprint 3
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      Not Required
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      Not Required
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      Not Required
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      Currently, the way KC works is like the following. We have the KC portal with all its linkes like Researcher, Unit, System Admin etc and below that we have buttons to Doc Search and Action List. Once you click on Doc search, the Rice doc search page opens up within the KC portal. Please see environment http://test.kc.kuali.org/kc-trunk/portal.jsp . We need similar behaviour with KRAD. The prototype is available at http://ux.kuali.org/prototypes/kc/p2-prototype-b1/prop.start.php but the doc search button currently does not work. But we think the way it should work is to open the rice doc search in the same page without navigating to the rice server or in a new tab. I am not sure how Rice would end up accomplishing this but this is a critical part of KC functionality.

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