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Default values not getting applied for multi-pages


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      I have successfully delayed page group copy to prevent all pages from being loaded. In order to accomplish this, I had to remove the following code from applyDefaultValues() – is there a use case that might have required this code? I tested with a few multi-page views and didn’t see an immediate issue.

      // if view, need to add all pages since only one will be on the lifecycle
      if (component instanceof View) {
      for (Component nested : ((View) component).getItems())

      { applyDefaultValues(nested); }


      Apply default values is only done once (on the initial get). It sets a flag on the form to prevent defaults from being applied again. However, we only process the first page on the initial request, so the default values would only get applied for that page (and when the user navigated to one of the other pages it would not have its default values applied). Maybe we can change the logic to track application of default values by page? I’ll create a Jira to look into this further.


        Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment -

        General bug, moving to Claus

        Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment - General bug, moving to Claus


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