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Rework help tooltip logic to prevent problems with lifecycle strictness check


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      • Strict element equals check in lifeycycle phase base:

      if (ViewLifecycle.isStrict()) {
      if (element == view) {
      if (!StringUtils.isEmpty(viewPath))

      { ViewLifecycle.reportIllegalState("View path is not empty " + viewPath); }

      } else {
      LifecycleElement referredElement = ObjectPropertyUtils.getPropertyValue(view, viewPath);
      if (referredElement != null) {
      referredElement = (LifecycleElement) referredElement.unwrap();
      if (element != referredElement)

      { ViewLifecycle.reportIllegalState( "View path " + viewPath + " refers to an element other than " + element.getClass() + " " + element.getId() + " " + element.getViewPath() + (referredElement == null ? "" : " " + referredElement.getClass() + " " + referredElement.getId() + " " + referredElement.getViewPath())); }


      I had to comment this out for now. It was causing ViewLifecycleTest#testKitchenSink to fail. The reason being we have this strange situation with Help.toolTip. In perform finalize, the help widget actually sets the parent#header#toolTip from its own toolTip (or moves it). So there are a couple of problems, one we have the same component at two different view paths. The next problem, is when the phase is invoked for header.toolTip, it actually points to the toolTip the header had before help set its tooltip. This is because the phase successors are all initialized (with the element) by the parent, and the element doesn’t get readjusted if it was changed by another sibling. Not sure if this all makese sense! I am not exactly sure how to fix it all at this point as well, but will create a Jira to look into it further.


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