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Improve the text of Action List email notifications


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      Right now they are pretty awful, an example below:

      From: Workflow
      Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014 1:49 AM
      To: Doe, John
      Subject: Action List Reminder
      Your Action List has an eDoc(electronic document) that needs your attention:
      Document ID:            123456789
      Initiator:              Doe, Jane
      Type:                   Add/Modify TimesheetDocument
      Title:                  03/15/2014  Doe, Jane (01234567)  Work Area: 1234
      To respond to this eDoc:
              Go to https://localhost/kpme-prd/Timesheet.do?methodToCall=docHandler&docId=123456789&command=displayActionListView
              Or you may access the eDoc from your Action List:
              Go to https://localhost/kr-prd/kew/ActionList.do, and then click on the numeric Document ID: 123456789 in the first column of the List.
      To view the route log of this document:
              Go to https://localhost/kr-prd/kew/RouteLog.do?documentId=123456789
      To change how these email notifications are sent(daily, weekly or none):
              Go to https://localhost/kr-prd/kew/Preferences.do
      For additional help, email <mailto:workflow@blah.edu>
      Action Item sent to John Doe

      In terms of what's wrong with this, just a couple of examples:

      • It uses the term "eDoc" which is not really the standard term in KEW
      • It has no information on what action the user should take. Is it an approval? An acknowledgement? An FYI?
      • What's the doc's status? Am I getting this because the doc is disapproved? Because it just got routed to me? Because I'm just being notified about it?
      • The subject of the email provides no information.
      • At the bottom is says "Action Item sent to" which should only show up in test environments but is showing up in prd (this could be an IU-specific issue though, would need to determine if it's happening in the core code or not)

      Also, we should look at daily/weekly email reminders and see if there is anything we should improve there. A general review of the default content with a group like the KAI would probably be a good idea.


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