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      Rice uses XStream for serializing out the content of maintenance documents for storage as an XML document. This works well except when the schema of the XML document changes (primarily during major version changes). During the conversion to Rice 2.0 at IU we took a maintenance document XML converter that was delivered from the foundation and created a "just in time" converter. That converter handles an exception from XStream when the document tries to load and then converts the XML so it can try again. This works pretty well at IU, but the current implementation does not save the updated XML to the database after it is done. This will work as a fix for older maintenance documents for now, but a better long-term solution would also update the data in the database.


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        Created KULRICE-12305 for saving content to database

        James Bennett added a comment - - edited Created KULRICE-12305 for saving content to database
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        Contribution complete.

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