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      UIF Component
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      Core 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 2, Core 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 1, Core 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 2
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      Focus on and jump to is not working correctly now, in addition, there are some config improvements we need to make.

      First if you set a focusId for an action component, focus is not set when a refresh occurs. I believe this is due to how the performFocusAndJumpTo method is being called from the page load event:

      <@krad.script value="jQuery(document).on(kradVariables.PAGE_LOAD_EVENT, function(){


      , true, true, '$




      ', '$


      });" component=KualiForm.view.currentPage/>

      Other problems include:

      1) Setting focus id could override focus set when there are errors

      I purpose we modify the implementation as follows:

      For view and page refreshes, add the focusId and jumpTo as data attribute of the page. Note this can be done in PageGroup and should only be done if there is a value in the form property. Also if autoFocus is true, add a data attribute to the page.

      For component refreshes, add focusId and jumpTo to the component wrapper div (look at uifRender.ftl).

      Another thing I have noticed. When the default jumpTo is the action, the scroll puts the action at the top of the viewport. It would be better if we can position the action at the bottom of the viewport I think.

      Create a new method for handling focus and jump. This should encapsulate all logic (of course can use helper methods), but should have logic for validation focusing and other cases. Invoke this method from document ready, page setup, and update component, passing in the data attributes (if found).

      Create demos for this functionality in General Features. Should test the various focus setting and jump settings.


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