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      This will expose some of the options of the file upload plugin, as well as affect ftl output

      private String url - partial or full url - default will be blank which will then default at the js level to ?methodToCall=fileUpload&formKey=...&cacheKey=..., thus calling the default controller
      private String propertyName - wondering if we need BindingInfo, or make this something other than content element - leaning towards no because the files will not exist directly on the form (as far as I can tell at the moment)
      private boolean renderUploadButton;
      private boolean renderCancelAllButton - not sure how to get this one working yet
      private boolean renderDeleteButton - not sure how to get this one working yet
      String label parameters for the above buttons
      private String acceptFileTypes - regex
      private Integer maxFileSize - in bytes
      private Integer minFileSize - in bytes
      private Integer maxNumberOfFiles
      private String fileUploadRowTemplate - template name to use to define the upload row template, this has to be done this way as I think generating it off settings will get to complex
      private String fileDownloadRowTemplate - template name to use to define the download row template, this has to be done this way as I think generating it off settings will get to complex
      private List<String> fileTableColumnNames - names of the columns of the table

      These options will be passed through to the js through merging these settings with those set in templateOptions.

      Everything else will need to be done through templateOptions

      Not sure how we should configure a delete url as it is only used in the controller to hand back to the UI


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