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Disabled checkbox loses value when submitting a form


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.4
    • Fix Version/s: 2.6
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      A disabled check-box that has its state value set to true loses its value when submitting a from ,Because disabled fields are not submitted as part of a form, the data is getting lost.

      This problem occurs in KS at:
      1. http://env2.ks.kuali.org/kr-krad/finalExamRules?viewName=FEAgendaManagementView&dataObjectClassName=org.kuali.student.enrollment.class1.krms.dto.FERuleManagementWrapper&methodToCall=start&withinPortal=false&formKey=23df5d21-1532-4c2e-8301-14280b92c76d&cacheKey=uzkvfnk0rkric9skju5ub7f1or&pageId=KSFE-SearchInput-Page
      2.search for Fall Term
      3.Observe that the check box for "Standard Final Exam location determined by Activity Offering location" is checked
      4. Click Add to add a new rule
      5. Cancel from that Add rule screen
      6. Observe that the check box is now unchecked
      7. Start from the beginning. If you call the matrix fresh, the check box is checked.

      Expected: The checkbox state to true/checked always
      Note: This currently works because of workaround implemented on KSENROLL-11141 - During editing/adding of rule service call is made to populate the location with the correct state.

          <bean id="KS-KitchenSink-Checkbox-Disabled-Parent" parent="Uif-InputField"
                p:label="Disabled checkbox" p:propertyName="disabledSelectedCheckbox"
              <property name="control">
                  <bean parent="Uif-CheckboxControl" p:disabled="true"/>

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