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States are not taken into account when required indicator is set


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.3.2, 2.4, 2.4.1
    • Fix Version/s: 2.6
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      The required indicator for states beyond current+1 aren't being set correctly because the applicable state for the simpleConstraint isn't being taken into account.

      With this config ....

      <bean parent="WorkflowStateMapping">
           <property name="stateMapping">
                  <bean parent="WorkflowStateMapping">
                      <property name="customClientSideValidationStates">
                              <entry key="I" value="S" />
                              <entry key="S" value="S" />
                              <entry key="R" value="S" />
                              <entry key="P" value="S" />
      <bean id="CourseInfo.courseNumberSuffix" parent="CourseInfo.courseNumberSuffix-generated">
              <property name="simpleConstraint">
                  <bean parent="RequiredConstraint">
                      <property name="states">

      When the document state is "S" a required indicator ("*") is being displayed for courseNumberSuffix as well as other properties which are required for states "R+". This seems wrong since state "P" is "next state"+1.

      However, if I define the constraint like this (which I believe is just a more explicit version of the definition above)...

      <bean id="CourseInfo.courseNumberSuffix" parent="CourseInfo.courseNumberSuffix-generated">
              <property name="simpleConstraint">
                   <bean parent="SimpleConstraint">
                        <property name="required" value="false" />
                        <property name="states">
                        <property name="constraintStateOverrides">
                                  <bean parent="RequiredConstraint">
                                       <property name="states">

      ... I don't see the required indicator. IIRC it looked to me like the required indicator was being set based solely in the value of simpleConstraint#required and wasn't taking the value(s) of simpleConstraint#state into consideration.

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          Confirmed occuring in 2.5 branch of KS

          Larry Symms added a comment - Confirmed occuring in 2.5 branch of KS


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