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      There is some cleanup that needs to be done on our datasource configuration, especially with regards to KRAD.

      We have three different jndi locations referenced on our project related to KRAD, and (as far as I can tell) there should only be one:

      <param name="kradServer.datasource.jndi.location" override="false"></param>
      <param name="kradApplication.datasource.jndi.location" override="false"></param>

      Additionally, it currently requires bean overrides to deploy our KRAD sample app as client (non-bundled), and we need to clean that up as well. Dan Seibert had to go through some hoops to get this set up in our test environments, and he shared some info on what he had to do:

      override the coreConfigurer bean (which is in RiceServiceRegistrySpringBeans.xml) to

      • add a property: <property name="serverDataSource" ref="riceDataSource$ {connection.pool.impl}

        " />

      • modify the dataSource property to reference a client datasource bean (should perhaps be called clientDataSource)

      override the kradApplicationDataSource alias from _KradSampleAppJpaSpringBeans.xml to reference clientDataSource instead

      • For bundled config.xml, define both a client and server datasource pointing at the same DB.
      • For client app config.xml, define both datasources pointing at separate DBs
      • need to add rice.server.datasource.username & rice.server.datasource.password as well

      We need to clean that up so that we can deploy the sample app in different vanilla configurations without resorting to bean overrides.

      We will definitely need to document changes we make on our impacting changes wiki page so our customers have a heads up and can figure out how to clean their configurations up too.


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