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The "add line" button in Stacked Lists is in the wrong location when "addLinePlacement" is BOTTOM


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      It looks like this issue is due to the change made for
      KULRICE-11700 in BoxLayoutManager.performFinalize that adds the "pull-left" style class to many components. It gets added to the InputFieldBase components before the add line button, which causes the issue. When I change the code so that it doesn't add the "pull-left" style class for InputFieldBase components, the problem goes away. However, this seems hacky and I don't think it will work in all situations (i.e. If the field before the add line button is not an instance of InputFieldBase).

      To see the issue Go to one of the following and select stacked list from the drop down:

      I also wanted to mention that the placement of the "add line" button on http://env14.rice.kuali.org/kr-krad/uicomponents?viewId=LabsProposal2 looks correct due to the following two items:

      1. In labsProposal.css:
        .input-group-addon, .input-group-btn {
            width: 1%;
            vertical-align: top;
      2. The additionalCssClasses of col-md-2 on the LabsProposal-AddList bean.
          <bean id="LabsProposal-AddList" parent="Uif-ListCollectionSubSection" p:headerText="Congressional Districts"

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