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KRMS rule attributes not loaded for edit successfully


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.5
    • Fix Version/s: 2.5.1
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      Middleware 2.5.1 Sprint 1, Middleware 2.5.1 Sprint 2, Middleware 2.5.1 Sprint 3, Middleware 2.5.2 Sprint 1, Middleware 2.5.2 Sprint 2, Middleware 2.5.2 Sprint 3
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      To reproduce:

      • From the Rice Sample App, go to the agenda lookup (Main Menu -> KRMS Rules/Lookups Agenda Lookup) and Edit an existing agenda
      • Click on a rule in the tree and click the "Edit Rule" button
      • On the Rule Type field, select "Validation Rule"
      • Set the Invalid Rule field (which is progressively rendered after the Type is selected) to either option
      • Click "Update Rule"
      • Click "Submit" and "Reload" to make sure the doc goes final
      • Use the Agenda lookup to inquire on that Agenda, and note that when viewing the rule the attribute value is not displayed
      • Again using the lookup, edit that Agenda a second time.
      • Click on the same rule and click "Edit Rule"

      Expected result: The editable rule's saved type attribute values (in this case Invalid Rule) is shown in editable form.
      Actual result: The rule type attribute field has no value selected.

      I debugged this enough to verify that the rule type attribute is indeed loaded in the maintainable, so it looks like some type of binding issue. Could be identical to the issue this was cloned from.

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          Corey Pedersen (Inactive) added a comment -

          Some of the back reference JPA annotations changes were in error.

          Corey Pedersen (Inactive) added a comment - Some of the back reference JPA annotations changes were in error.
          Martin Taylor (Inactive) added a comment -

          Closing 2.5.1 Development

          Martin Taylor (Inactive) added a comment - Closing 2.5.1 Development


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