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      These are particularly slow to work on as they require CI. Things could be speeded up by someone having CI access working on these as they could create a job that just ran the test(s) they are working on. So only waiting a few minutes vs hours. Another alternative would be to create a CI job that ran tests defined in a file in SVN.

      Abbreviated test name: LabsBreadcrumbAft.testBreadcrumbBookmark
      Full test name: org.kuali.rice.krad.labs.kitchensink.compview.LabsBreadcrumbAft.testBreadcrumbBookmark
      Test results url:

      Abbreviated test name: LabsBreadcrumbAft.testBreadcrumbShuffledBookmark
      Full test name: org.kuali.rice.krad.labs.kitchensink.compview.LabsBreadcrumbAft.testBreadcrumbShuffledBookmark
      Test results url:


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