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Document the "routingVersion" element on DocumentType configuration


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      Below is an email thread from the kuali-rice list:


      Hi Josh, I'll be sure this makes in into our documentation. Here's the explanation of routingVersion:

      This field exists for purposes of backward compatibility with older versions of KEW. Originally, KEW only supported sequential routing paths (as opposed to those with splits and joins). In the API, there is a method named "getDocRouteLevel()" this returns an integer which represents what the numerical "step" in the routing process is. This number only has any meaning in the case of documents that define sequential routing. A document with routingVersion of "1" will keep track of the route level number. A document with routingVersion of "2" (the default unless explicitly defined in the document type configuration) will not keep track of the route level number and (I believe) an exception will be thrown if code attempts to access that value.

      Additionally, if you attempt to define a route path with splits/joins and the routingVersion is set to "1" you will get an error when ingesting the DocumentType.

      Hope that gives you the answer you're looking for


      > ----Original Message----
      > From: kuali-rice@googlegroups.com kuali-rice@googlegroups.com On
      > Behalf Of Josh Peters (Illinois State University)
      > Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 5:31 PM
      > To: Kuali Rice
      > Subject: [kuali-rice] routingVersion
      > Can someone kindly explain what routingVersion (in a Workflow XML
      > document representation) means? It's not documented on the wiki it
      > seems, and I've had an issue that required routingVersion to be 2
      > instead of 1.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Josh


        Eric Westfall added a comment -

        Hi Aaron, thanks for putting this up on the Document TYpe page. Looks like it's done. Is this good to be closed?

        Eric Westfall added a comment - Hi Aaron, thanks for putting this up on the Document TYpe page. Looks like it's done. Is this good to be closed?


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