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Tooltips on input fields with left label cause the input to slip under the label


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      While working on KULRICE-13259, I noticed that whenever I have

      <bean id="Demo-Help-Field2" parent="Uif-InputField" p:labelLeft="true" p:propertyName="inputField2">
          <property name="help">
              <bean parent="Uif-Help"/>
          <property name="control">
              <bean parent="Uif-TextControl"/>

      with labelLeft, whenever I hover over the label, the input box will move from to the right of the label to underneath it. I suspect this is because of the default tooltip behavior from bootstrap.js:

      css({ top: 0, left: 0, display: 'block' })

      Normally, when we have a uif-labelLeft, we have display: inline-block; and when the tooltip shows up, it wipes out that CSS. It may be that we have to put some custom behavior in there to change the display when we have a left label.

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