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AgendaEditor: Attribute query for context field doesn't work.


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      Rice used to populate the context id field based on namespace and contextName. A good working sample is in KC 5.2 which uses Rice 2.3.6:

      • Create a new agenda
      • select a name space (i.e. Award Budget)
      • use the tab key to tab into and out of the Context field
      • Notice that the contest is filled in (i.e. "KC Award Budget Context") because there is only one context for that name space.

      This doesn't work with the current rice (and in KC 6.0)

      BTW, this behavior is configured in AgendaEditorView.xml via the following snipped:

                      <!-- populate context id field on tab out based on namespace and contextName-->
                      <property name="attributeQuery">
                          <bean parent="Uif-AttributeQueryConfig" p:dataObjectClassName="org.kuali.rice.krms.impl.repository.ContextBo"
                              p:queryFieldMapping="namespace:namespace,contextName:name" p:returnFieldMapping="id:agenda.contextId">
                            <property name="additionalCriteria">
                                <entry key="active" value="true" />


        Claus Niesen added a comment -

        That wasn't a feature but an unintended and unsupported side effect.

        Claus Niesen added a comment - That wasn't a feature but an unintended and unsupported side effect.


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