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      Fetching role members for roles is not checking whether member is listed in applicable group associated with a role.

      This issue is related to the linked JIRA in KC where creating and assigning a new Group to a role adds unauthorized Unit options for other users.

      protected List<RoleMemberBo> getRoleMembersForRoleIdsWithFilters(Collection<String> roleIds,
      String principalId, Collection<String> groupIds, Map<String, String> qualification)

      We might have to check whether passed in principal is member of group associated?

      Adding additional criteria below helped during debug.

      if ( StringUtils.isNotBlank(principalId) )

      { groupPredicates.add(PredicateFactory.equal(KIMPropertyConstants.GroupMember.MEMBER_ID, principalId)); }


        Douglas Pace added a comment -

        See this PR for a summary of the changes we've made to fix this.

        Douglas Pace added a comment - See this PR for a summary of the changes we've made to fix this.


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