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      Bob Allison noted some problems with create the bootstrap.sql file:

      I just finished spending 90 minutes or so finding all the places that need to be updated so that the dball script generates a usable bootstrap SQL file. Lacking commit access, I can't make the changes myself.

      Here are the required changes (I'll trust you can locate the files using Eclipse so I won't specify the entire path):

      – The following files need to be updated so that the command terminator does not have any spaces following it: EN_DOC_HDR_EXT_LONG_T.index.ddl, FS_CODES_DESC_T.table.ddl, FS_LOOKUP_SELECTIONS_MT.table.ddl

      – The following files need to be updated so that the command terminator does not have any spaces preceding it: EN_DOC_HDR_T.index.ddl, EN_USR_T.index.ddl

      – The following file needs the duplicate terminator removed: KIM_PERSON_QUALIFIED_ROLE_T.constraints.ddl

      (NOTE: If we were using the Oracle standard command terminator (";") none of the above would have been a problem.)

      The following changes need to be made to rice_data.sql:

      – The insert into KIM_PERSONS_T needs to be removed since the columns USERNAME and PASSWORD no longer appear in the table (this insert also appears in several other files which don't seem to be used by the dball script)

      – The insert of document group KR into FP_DOC_GROUP_T needs to be moved from the rice_sample_app.sql file into this file

      – A blank line needs to be added to the end of the file so that the next file is added correctly (right now, we end up with a line starting with "/CREATE")


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