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    • Affects Version/s: KEN - 0.9.1
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    • Component/s: Data Dictionary
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      pretty much every one :)
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      KNS, KEW
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      This improvement request is to put to rights the namespaces used in Rice.

      Any time you see a Workflow XML file it has a fairly non-standard namespace and XML Schema location.

      This makes developing workflow rule attrbutes, documents, etc. more difficult than is needed for devs. who like using XML-aware tools (sorry Notepad).

      In order to better serve the developers who'd like to use validation, schema-completion, and other XML-enabled features, please consider changing the namespaces used to point to valid URIs (whether they be web addresses or tag URI or whatever). In addition, please consider moving the schemaLocations to a URL that is accessible by developers.


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        Thanks for entering Josh.

        Aaron Godert (Inactive) added a comment - Thanks for entering Josh.


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