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      Currently, super user workgroup membership is not properly considered for EDocLite documents. For example, if I am in the super user group for an EDL and I open it, I do not get button that allow me to execute "Super User Approve" and/or Disapprove actions. In order to fully support super users, we should allow the following:

      1) A variable or workflow function indicating whether or not the currently authenticated user is a super user should be made available to the stylesheet (i.e. using WorkflowFunctions)
      2) If the user is a super user than they should be permitted to edit the document (i.e. the code in edu.iu.uis.eden.edl.components.WorkflowDocumentState which sets up the value of the "editable" variable should consider super user workgroup membership).
      3) If there is a pending approve/complete request on the document for a user who is not the super user, then the approve/disapprove button should still be rendered. In this case a super user "action request" approve command (or super user disapprove) should be executed instead of a standard approval. If the super user uses this button to approve the document then they should receive a confirmation pop-up (javascript) which informs them that they are preparing to super user approve for another user and verifies whether or not they want to proceed.



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