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Add functionality for custom evaluation via default widgets templates [eDocLite]


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      Added code to support the passing of a parameter to default widgets.xml template calls for standard form field definitions. This is helpful in making custom field validation simpler for standard form fields (textarea, textbox, checkbox, radio, select list, etc..).

      This is done by passing a parameter named "customFunction" into the widgets_render template and propagating that parameter down through the respective following template calls. When the actual field is rendered (by input, select, etc..) the value of this parameter is evaluated by an xsl:if statement. If there is a value, the attribute is added onto the rendering line with an event. If no value is found, the attribute is not added and everything proceeds as it did before. (This should not impact previous data/forms).

      Field Types and the associated event handler:
      Textbox: onKeyUp
      Textarea: onKeyUp
      Select: onChange
      Radio: onClick
      Checkbox: onClick
      NOTE: These can be EASILY changed, added, or removed if need be.

      The second issue included in this JIRA is a similar functionality added to the default buttons template. The same basic idea is used there, where you pass a parameter named "fname". When a value is given, the input render replaces the standard onClick="buttonClick(


      )" with onClick="buttonClickFunctionName(


      )" which causes the custom function to fire when it is given. Again, this is ignored if not present so it should not impact previous forms. Note that this utilizes buttonClickFunctionName as implemented in edoclite1.js and referenced in KULRICE-2123

      Both of these changes are included in the widgets.xml file attached to this JIRA.


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        Completed but not yet committed to the project.

        Greg Patterson (Inactive) added a comment - Completed but not yet committed to the project.
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        Code has been committed.

        Craig Solinski (Inactive) added a comment - Code has been committed.


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