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review the maintenance framework dd override functionality


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      Here are warren's comments. i link the related isue with more info...

      I think there should be improvements made to the maintainable's DD override framework. As it stands now,

      1) the override functionality is not completely implemented (since vendor was the only one that used the override in a non-trivial way, I took the fastest approach to resolve this issue). There are other places where the override methods need to be called in section/field bridge.

      2) every time the maint doc renders, it makes at least 2 (possibly many) copies of each maint doc DD section/field/collection entry (one each for new and old maintainable) using ObjectUtils.deepCopy regardless of whether a meaningful override is implemented. Copying prevents DD corruption issues by preventing changes to the global DD entries. The default meaningless override implementation does nothing, so a copy isn't needed.

      This probably isn't the fastest approach and it affects the performance whether or not a meaningful override is performed. Perhaps we could modify the maint doc DD service to return a new copy of the complete maint doc entry so that we can limit the system to one copy of the DD entry for that doc (i.e. make a deep copy at the <maintenanceDocument> level of a maint doc DD xml file) per maint doc web request.

      3) the DD override interface could probably be made more meaningful. The current interface is:
      public void overrideDataDictionaryFieldConfiguration(DataDictionaryDefinitionBase definition)
      public void overrideDataDictionarySectionConfiguration(DataDictionaryDefinitionBase definition)

      These methods could at least use parameter types that are more meaningful.

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          Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment -

          KNS-implementation specific. Closing.

          Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment - KNS-implementation specific. Closing.


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