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implement KR-WKFLW permission and responsibility checks


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    • Fix Version/s: 1.0
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    • Rice Module:
      Rice Core, KSB, KNS, KEW, KEN, KCB, KIM, KOM
    • Application Requirement:
      KFS, KC, KS, Rice


      1. workflow should accept a KIM responsibility with template KR-WKFLW Resolve Exception Routing to define the set of people who should handle exception routing for a particular document type and route node (taking the document type hierarchy into account), in place of the specification of an exception workgroup on the document type

      2. workflow should enforce the following permission templates (attributes associated with the template type are in parens), and not require groups or policies be specified on the given document type when they are present
      format is template (attributes) - notes
      KR-WKFLW Ad Hoc Review Document (Document Type & Action Request Type) - this is permission to receive an ad hoc request
      KR-WKFLW Administer Routing for Document (Document Type) - this is super use permission
      KR-WKFLW Blanket Approve Document (Document Type) - this is the blanket approval workgroup
      KR-WKFLW Cancel Document (Document Routing Node & State) - this is an alternate for the policy
      KR-WKFLW Initiate Document (Document Type & Existing Records Only) - workflow ignores the existing records only piece
      KR-WKFLW Prepare & Route Document (Document Type) - this is an alternate for the initiator must route policy
      KR-WKFLW Save Document (Document Routing Node & State) - this is an alternate for the policy

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