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      A direct inquiry takes the value in an HTML form input and uses that value to pull up details on the object represented by that value. For example, given a Document Type lookup form, and a Parent Name field within that form, a direct inquiry on this field would take the value provided by the user (the name of the document type's parent), query the DB and display an inquiry form describing the parent document type.

      Currently, this results in an error when the field does not correspond to the PK of the relevant business object (ie the object that is the subject of the lookup). The primary key for the business object in question needs to present in the HTTP request. See the populatePKFieldValues method of the InquiryForm class.

      Attempting to trick the system by changing either the source or target to documentTypeId results in an error during validation of the BO by the data dictionary (a type comparison is conducted and, given that the identifier is a Long and the document type name is a String, it fails). See the completeValidation method in the PrimitiveAttributeDefinition class.

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