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Deploy Rice standalone server to our test environments


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      Here are the notes from our meeting today regarding this:

      • Update the build.xml in rice and add dist-external and dist-war
        • generated war file from dist-war will get automatically deployed to wsa131 via the j2ee_deploy_war script on wsa123
      • We need to update do-daily-updates.sh in kul-cfg-envs to add "kupdate" statements in our script so that we execute the daily update
        • Initially, let's start with just the STG environment and use the RICESTG database
        • part of the kupdate script should be able to create the RICESTG database using our nightly database export
        • so our first environments will use the STG database
      • Update /usr/local/rice/rice-config.xml to reflect configuration changes in rice 1.0, verify files in /usr/local/rice/stg/...
      • at any point during the day we can probably just run do-daily-updates.sh to test an initial deployment
        • IMPORTANT: no two projects can run their updates scripts at the same time
      • We also need to update (and move to KULRICE) the documentation at the following location:

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