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consolidate rice web content under common root or other permanent solution


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      we're doing something with rice upgrades that is similar to what we do for workflow.
      <target name="unzip-rice-web-content" depends="init-project-properties">
      <unzip src="$

      {work.directory}/rice-web-content/sampleapp-0.9-SNAPSHOT.war" dest="${work.directory}

      /web-root" overwrite="true">
      <include name="css/*.css" />
      <include name="images/*" />
      <include name="scripts/*.js" />
      <include name="jsp/core/*.jsp" />
      <include name="WEB-INF/tags/*/.tag" />

      however, with workflow we copy in a zip during the upgrade process, that is then extracted to work/web-root-en during the dists. since the rice web content does not have a separat common root, it is indistinguishable from kfs web content. so, we can't purge the old rice content before bringing in the new and will probably end up with junk over time. ideally this would be done sooner rather than later

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