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Change the KEW DocumentType implementation from being an absolute URL to a relative URL using the config param 'externalizable.help.url'


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    • Fix Version/s: 1.0
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      The current implementation of Help URL in the KEW DocumentType assumes the URL is an absolute URL like the 'document handler URL' field. Change it so that the URL is relative and the base of the help definition URL is the config parameter 'externalizable.help.url'.

      So basically if the document type has help definition url value:


      And the 'externalizable.help.url' config parameter is set to:


      Then that would translate in the system to be:


      whenever the DocumentType.getHelpDefinitionUrl() method is called.

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          Bulk change of all Rice 1.0 issues to closed after public release.

          Eric Westfall added a comment - Bulk change of all Rice 1.0 issues to closed after public release.


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