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The Javascript functions for expanding/collapsing all tabs fail to execute without errors.


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      In core.js, there are two functions called "expandAllTab" and "collapseAllTab" that are responsible for handling clicks on the "expand all" and "collapse all" buttons. They rely on two other functions in core.js called "showTab" and "hideTab", which adjust the state of a single tab. The two latter functions rely on the existence of HTML page elements with names or ids of "tab-[tabKey]div", "tabStates([tabKey])", and "tag[tabKey]imageToggle", where [tabKey] is some text key used for identifying the HTML elements related to each tab. By viewing the source of a page with tabs on it (like an inquiry page), it can be seen that the buttons for showing/hiding an individual tab will pass in a string value to the "toggleTab" function in core.js, which then calls either "showTab" or "hideTab". However, the "expandAllTab" and "collapseAllTab" functions pass in numeric values to "showTab" and "hideTab" instead, which generates a Javascript error (since elements like "tab[number]-div" do not exist on the page) and hence forces the expand/collapse operation to be handled on the server side.



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