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rice-config.xml for deployment of standalone server


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      There are a couple of issues here:

      1. Why is a sample version of rice-config.xml not included in the non-sample app distribution of the standalone server? I cannot think of a good reason to exclude it.
      2. Among the currently included parameters, which are specific to KFS/IU and which are kruft?

      Plan is to take the wsa131 copy of the file, put it in the web module, and use maven to filter it on a per-profile basis such that the standalone gets a generic version, the sample app gets a sample-app version and the wsa131 profile creates a flavor for the IU environment.

      1. common-config-defaults.xml
        11 kB
        Casey Boettcher
      2. wsa131-ci_rice-config.xml
        2 kB
        Casey Boettcher
      3. wsa131-kr-stg_rice-config.xml
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        Casey Boettcher

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