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KimTypeServIveBase class has protected method which can return null but calling method is assuming non-null value


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      The class KimTypeServiceBase has a method getAttributeDefinitions() which makes a call into the method getDataDictionaryAttributeDefinition(). The getAttributeDefinitions() method assumes the returned value is a non-null value but if the method getDataDictionaryAttributeDefinition() can't find a valid DD AttributeDefinition in the system, an exception is caught and logged and a null object is returned (currently on line 548 of KimTypeServiceBase).

      It seems bad that when an exception is thrown a null value is returned and then the calling method will, in most cases, throw a NullPointerException. Probably the getAttributeDefintiions() should just check for a valid non-null AttributeDefintiion object and throw an exception if one isn't found. Then again i'm now a KIM expert so there may be a better solution.

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