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"Travel Account" field on Travel Request creation page is not working properly


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      On the Travel Request creation page, I've noticed several problems with the "Travel Account" field. First, if the user clicks the lookup link on the field and then either clicks "cancel" or returns a value from the lookup, the iframe shows a blank white page. This problem also occurs if the user opens the field's direct inquiry link with Javascript disabled and then clicks "close". I believe the problem lies with the fact that TravelDocumentAction2.refresh simply does nothing other than returning null, so this method needs to be implemented appropriately.

      Another problem with the "Travel Account" field is the list of accounts that it maintains. Whenever the user clicks "add", a new item is added to the list regardless of whether or not the text field is empty or contains invalid data. If the data is valid, the account appears to be properly added to the list; otherwise, a supposedly blank entry is added to the list, which can result in NullPointerException-induced HTTP 500 errors when saving or routing the document. In addition, there does not appear to be any way to remove list items once they have been placed in, and it is possible to include duplicate account entries.


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