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Inquiry links from KEW Route Log to "Document Configuration View" to KEW Document Type Inquiry page shows invalid KEW Document Type Inquiry for document instance


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      Currently on the Route Log the Document Type name links to the new "Document Configuration View" screen. On the "Document Configuration View" screen there is a link to the KEW Document Type Inquiry page, however the link is incorrect. The Route Log used to have a direct link to the KEW Document Type Inquiry page of the specific version of the document type complete with the proper nodes. See the example of the issue below:

      1) Create instance of a document (doc id 123) which links to the current document type id (document type id 789)
      2) Ingest new document type which changes the document type id from 789 to 987
      3) Click on the route log of doc id 123
      4) Click on the document type name on the route log... this will open the "Document Configuration View" screen based on the document type name
      5) The "Document Configuration View" screen has a link to the KEW document type inquiry page which links to document type with document type id 987 even though document id 123 is based on routing path/nodes of document type id 789


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