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Nested collections of a reference throwing exception when maintenance document is canceled and not validating required


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      If you have a maintainable collection like vendorHeader.vendorSupplierDiversities, where vendorHeader is a reference and vendorSupplierDiversities is a collection of vendorHeader there are a couple of
      problems in the maintenance framework:

      1) When canceling a document and confirming, class cast exception is coming from BusinessObjectServiceImpl#addMaintainableItemRestrictions. This is because vendorHeader is null and PropertyUtils does not handle that correctly

      2) Required fields on collection not getting validated. This is due to the logic of MaintainableDocumentDictionaryServiceImpl:getCollectionDefinition. This method assumes that if the collection name contains a '.', then it is a collection of a collection. But that is not the case here.

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          Jonathan Keller added a comment -

          OK, I applied the attached patch to resolve this issue.

          Jonathan Keller added a comment - OK, I applied the attached patch to resolve this issue.


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