Scott Gibson wrote:
      I think xapool 1.5.0-patch3 is a kuali rice build? If so can you guys put a pom in your maven repo so maven stops looking for it every 5 seconds
      I found the 1.5.0 version on central and it has an empty pom and different groupId, I'm not sure if we want to match groupId's of things we patch (maybe good to use some kuali group id so it's obvious).

      Anyway, here is the link into central

      If the kuali version has depends it could be good to put them in whatever pom you create.


      In order to fix this for KS (and Rice) all we have to do is add a pom.xml file. This will stop maven from searching each time.
      There's a project for this particular issue:

      I'm going to check out the project and create a pom. Commit it and push it out to the repo.

      After discussing with Scott, there's a bigger issue here. Basically how do we deal with
      1. jars with no poms,
      2. 3rd party poms that we have altered,
      3. General dependency management
      – We're thinking we should create a kuali archiva.

      So probably put this on the kti agenda for next week.



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