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Direct inquiry does not work properly in some conditions


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    • Affects Version/s:, KFS Release 3.0.1
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      The direct inquiry framework seems to have a few bugs.

      1) If the value the user has entered into a field is not uppercase, and the matching value in the database is upper case, it does not find any results. The forceUppercase on the field is not applied before sending to the lookup.
      2) If you have a multi-part key, the javascript alert doesn't give you any clue which field is missing a value.
      3) On extension object properties (and perhaps any sub-object of the main maintained object), if no value is entered in the field, the inquiry runs but leaves the field blank upon sending to the lookup. The system then retrieves all records from the related object's table and displays the first one.
      4) In the same situations as above, the direct inquiry link opens in the same window as the document, rather than a new pop-up window.


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