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Re-examine how RiceApplicationConfigurationService is being used to resolve doc handler urls (and other variables) from across the service bus


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    • Rice Module:
      KNS, KEW
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      Not Required
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      Not Required


      Currently, if KEW encounters a doc handler url of the following form:




      If the document type for that document has a service namespace along the lines of something like "KFS" then it will go to the KFS application first and try and resolve application.url from the KFS application across the service bus.

      This is a good idea in theory, however for applications that have doc handler urls that don't need to call back into the application, this extra step adds extra overhead since those variables will never be resolved successfully from the client. It may also be possible in certain cases that you don't want it to resolve from the client. At the very least we need to add some caching in here to reduce the number of times we hit the service bus. Additionally, it may be worthwhile to have the RiceApplicationService have a way to provide the standalone server with information on whether or not those kinds of callbacks into the client application should be used.

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