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Combine SimpleDocumentActionsWebService with WorkflowDocumentActionsService, review and approve the new contract for workflow services


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      There is no real reason to have two separate services for this purpose. Instead they should be combined into a single service (basically move the simple operations into WorkflowDocumentActionsService).

      However I think we can improve it beyond that. Currently the simple actions service provides for simple service calls to be invoked without passing all of the extra RouteHeaderDTO information which is passed into WorkflowDocumentActionsService. A better approach might be to have operations like the following:

      public RouteHeaderDTO approveAndUpdate(
      @WebParam(name = "docId") String docId,
      @WebParam(name = "principalId") String principalId,
      @WebParam(name = "annotation") String annotation,
      @WebParam(name = "routeHeaderUpdate") RouteHeaderUpdateDTO routeHeaderUpdate

      In this case, RouteHeaderUpdateDTO would be optional but would allow for the updating of things like XML document content, document title, etc.

      Then for simple cases where updates did not need to be based and the result didn't need to be read we could have an operation like the following:

      public void approve(
      @WebParam(name = "docId") String docId,
      @WebParam(name = "principalId") String principalId,
      @WebParam(name = "annotation") String annotation

      Then on the java client we can code WorkflowDocument so that it's smart enough to know which of these methods to call based on updates to the data stored in the WorkflowDocument by the client application.

      In general, I think that we will want to go through a joint effort to design the workflow document services so that they have all of the appropriate operations and provide the desired level of functionality. This should be done in conjunction with the KTI.

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