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DocumentTypePermissionServiceImpl seems to build permission details incorrectly


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      I'm not sure if this is a problem or not, but it seems inconsistent. Look at the code below. When the document is not in I or S state, it puts the route status label into the route node detail type. It seems like this is mixing things a little. Shouldn't it be using the current route node name like the buildDocumentTypePermissionDetails() method below it?

      protected AttributeSet buildRouteHeaderIdRoleDocumentTypeDocumentStatusQualifiers(DocumentType documentType, String documentStatus, String routeHeaderId) {
      AttributeSet qualifiers = new AttributeSet();
      qualifiers.put(KimAttributes.DOCUMENT_NUMBER, routeHeaderId);
      if (!StringUtils.isBlank(documentStatus)) {
      qualifiers.put(KEWConstants.DOCUMENT_STATUS_DETAIL, documentStatus);
      if (KEWConstants.ROUTE_HEADER_INITIATED_CD.equals(documentStatus) || KEWConstants.ROUTE_HEADER_SAVED_CD.equals(documentStatus))

      { qualifiers.put(KimAttributes.ROUTE_NODE_NAME, DocumentAuthorizerBase.PRE_ROUTING_ROUTE_NAME); }


      { qualifiers.put(KimAttributes.ROUTE_NODE_NAME, CodeTranslator.getRouteStatusLabel(documentStatus)); }


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